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2017 Millton Sparkling Muskats @ Dawn

"Antiquity into the modern era"

In the 19th Century, if someone stole your wife, girlfriend or a couple of your sheep you would challenge them to a duel, at dawn.
Now in the 21st century the @ symbol represents the keystroke that enables immediate faceless communication with friend or foe, anywhere in the world while still remaining smiling.  And those who desire a Summer holiday far from the maddening crowds will come to realise that, having endured the long highway to the secluded beaches of Gisborne, allows the unique opportunity to view the dawn of each new day well before anyone else.  Literally, on the front porch of New Zealand.

Winemakers Notes:

In 2017 we have embraced a traditional treasure, taking inspiration from the Moscato d'Asti of Italy.  The gentle sparkle delights the senses with tropical fruit and the first blossoms of spring as we step from antiquity into the modern era....
The quintessential summer wine just to drink and reflect.  Serve well chilled.

  • BioGro Certified Organic
  • Demeter Certified Biodynamic
  • Grown and bottled on the property
  • Dry farmed
  • Sparkling with 6.5g/l of dissolved CO2
  • Sealed with a crown cap

Total acidity:
6.2g/l. pH: 3.43
Alcohol: 7.0% Vol. Residual Sugar: 73g/l
Harvest date: 18th March 2017
Bottled on: (@dawn on) 26th July 2017
Released on: 22nd October 2017

Tasting Notes: