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2017 Millton Te Arai Rose Magnum


Gisborne has the soil to grow, the sky in which to dream, and the climate to enjoy such a wine as our Te Arai Rosé.  This is Malbec, Syrah and Viognier, happy.

This sensual summer sipper is best enjoyed with friends during long lunches or barbeques in the cool of the evening.

The maritime climate of Gisborne, and Southern France are made for drinking soft light fruity wines like our Te Arai Rosé.  We don't use insecticide, herbicide or systemic fungicide in the vineyard nor any colouring to normalise the subtle colour.  This wine is exactly how it came out of  the vineyard albeit we drink a lot of these wines from the French vineyards which serve as a stimulation and a thirst quencher.  So we think this might just be the best thing for you!

Lightening up the charming colour again makes a dynamic new twist to our long standing style of Rosé.  We talk about lumens at our place. These are a measurement of light captured in the growing season in the fruit and go on to provide you with a visual enhancement to your soul.

There are fresh wild berry characters and a dash of spice and aromas to enliven your senses. These tannins could well contain the daily requirement of resveratrol so needed.

Notes from the Winemaker:

This years Rosé is made from Syrah with a squeeze of Malbec and a little lift of Viognier.  The bunches are de-stemmed and squashed into cool dark tanks.  The juices are a ll mixed up and fermented together in what we call a co-ferment, so these subtleties all hold hands during their youth, as it were and balance themselves out.  Cold fermentation, indigenous yeasts help keep them honest to their place.  In spring the new wine is released from its deposits, clarified and bottled, in the place right where it was produced.

Drink now and during summer.  If it sits around any longer it can only get better.  Store it in a fridge, and keep another bottle handy.

• BioGro Certified Organic
• Demeter Certified Biodynamic
• Grown and Bottled on the Property
• Dry Farmed

Total acidity: 6.3g/l pH: 3.28
Alcohol: 11% vol Residual Sugar: 5.2g/l
Harvest dates: 6-10th April 2017
Bottled on: 1st September 2017
Released on: 1st October 2017