Millton Mistelle Fortified July Muscat

My affair with sweet Muscat wine began with  Beaumes des Venise of the Rhone valley in France, then later in Minevois until I married, had children and now I am the large ogre chasing the young saplings away. Originally our Muscat vines were planted just beyond the kitchen door because I simply could not believe that one could have a fruit of such flavour just within the daily reach of one’s desires. Soon we turned this fruit into wine to celebrate the new millennium, expanded the clonal collection to include the cousins Muscat Ottornel and Muscat a Petit Grains  (MPG – watch this space cricketers) and BANG! Mistelle – unique in New Zealand.

Exotically, this wine has the palest lemon colour with the glint of something mischievous.

The aromas are so intensely aromatic it will send a shiver of pleasure down your spine; reminiscent of overblown roses, musk & spice with the rich exotic aromas of tropical papaya & mango. The last tango in fact.

The taste is sweet and juicy, with a long aftertaste. Warmth, summer evenings, floral scents, musk memory and a sensuality of brightness fill your mouth.

Notes from the Winemaker:

The oldest vines are over 25 years old now, and we have had several releases of Mistelle over the years, 2002 being the last. The wine is made in a solera system, each year we leave a portion of the muscat harvest to hang in the summer rays, harvested by hand and then stopping the fermentation short with an addition of grape alcohol leaves the natural sugars held in memory. Over several years the wine ages in older oak out the back of the winery, baking in a warm seasons change, evaporating & concentrating until every few years we can’t help it anymore. We have to bottle this sensation to enjoy for a time to come. It’s quite addictive. It’s charming. It’s delicious.   

This wine should be served well chilled. A few friends, maybe dried fruits, some of those fancy dried meats, lightly toasted almonds, anchovy paste on pumpernickel, dark chocolate as the night wears on. And then for something more intimate it is wonderful with a strong blue cheese, or without. To date: two conceptions and three marriage proposals. To be taken in moderation, with caution.

Suitable for Vegan Consumption. In keeping with the immediate trend, this wine has been sealed with a Stelvin closure.

Total acidity: 5.3g/l   pH: 3.69
Alcohol:  14%   Residual Sugar: 111.0g/l
Harvest dates: April 2003, ’04, ’05, ’06 ’07 ’08
Bottled on: 11th August 2008
Released on: 20th October 2008

Produced and Bottled on the Property
Bio-dynamically Grown Grapes